Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the maximum height for our express wash tunnel?

-Maximum height for vehicles is 7’2”

What is the maximum width for tires?

-Maximum tire width is 13”

Will dually trucks fit through the express wash tunnel?

-Sorry dually trucks will not fit.

Is a touch less option available for our express wash?

-No we do not offer this option.

How low of a vehicle can go through our express wash?

-Lowered vehicles will depend on whether anything is hanging from the vehicle and might affect our wash.

What services are open 24/7?

-Pet wash, vacuums, and self serve is open 24/7

Do I get to keep the black microfiber towel?

-No, please return towel to our towel return bin. It is located directly in front of our final finish line. If you have any questions you can ask an employee and they will direct you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have


Here are some things to remember when visiting pro shine car wash

Pull in your mirrors 

Remove your antenna (if it is an option)

If you have custom rims that are wide check with our staff to ensure they will work in our conveyor system

Do not use the vacuums on liquid 

Do not roll your windows down for 1 hr after the wash if you want to keep them looking clean


Thank you,

Pro Shine Team